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Principal Turns Herself Into a Living Elf On the Shelf During the Holidays

And the kids love seeing her crazy ideas!

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Many families love using an Elf on the Shelf to help their kids get hyped up for the holidays... and some even use the tradition as a tool to keep them on their best behavior as Christmas approaches. The fun part comes when the kids wake up each morning in December and find out what adventures the elf got up to the night before while everyone was sleeping. It requires a bit of creativity and effort, but it's fun! 

Some people get really into the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, including a principal who is in a TikTok video that's going viral. Every day, she pretends that she is the elf, and the kids arrive at school to find out what wacky situation she's gotten herself into! 

This woman is the definition of going the extra mile. Not only does she dress in the elf's iconic red outfit, but she poses in situations that are pretty common for these little guys. At one point, she was even taped to the wall as kids walked by and spotted her when they got to school. OMG.

In another pose, she was inside the trophy case, and in another, she had made a bunch of copies of her own face. Talk about getting into some mischief!

This lady's creativity truly knows no bounds. This is impressive — and commenters on the video definitely seemed to agree.

"I love this. If I was having a bad day this would have definitely cheered me up," one person wrote.

Fingers crossed that another follow-up video will be posted. We need to see what else she comes up with!

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