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A Productive Toddler Morning Looks Pretty Exhausting

She's "saving lives," people

Toddlers are all about mimicking everything they see adults do. Life is all about trying on different roles and seeing what it feels like to do "grown-up" stuff, even if it's just pretend. That's what makes playroom setups like the one in this video from @hannahshanae so amazing. By looking like a tiny grown-up world, it gives little ones the opportunity to live out all their pretend fantasies. from getting a morning coffee to swinging by the grocery store to going to her important job as a doctor. Phew! She's gonna need another coffee soon.


How awesome is that playroom? Commenters absolutely fell in love with the absolutely adorable area this toddler gets to play in, and were inspired to make similar rooms for their own kids. One person was even making some sort of rocketship type space that sounded really cool. It just goes to show, if you give a kid the tools, their imagination can really take off. Which is not to say you have to make your house look like something from a children's museum, but this playroom is definitely food for thought.

Commenters also totally related to this toddler's morning on a personal level:
"Same! Except I'm not a doctor. But I do throw things on the ground, hate vacuuming and buy cookies."
"OMG! Absolutely adorable! It even motivated me to get out of bed I was like I should really go do something like this baby"
"that's literally me "I got grapes, JUST KIDDING!!!! I got cookies"
"My new favorite influencer. We need more content please."

Some commenters also wanted to know if this toddler was taking new patients. And to think, she probably hasn't even been to med school.