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Anyone Can Pull Off Mom’s Simple Twist On Traditional Pigtails

This is so adorable!

Most moms have a love/hate relationship with doing their kid’s hair. It can be a challenge not only getting the kid to cooperate, but also coming up with cute styles they can be proud of. This is especially true if mom doesn’t have a natural knack for doing fancy hair styles. 

Luckily there are parents out there who do know how to make adorable hair styles and make them accessible for others with simple tutorials. Using her little girl’s long blonde locks to demonstrate, @audreymcclelland gave a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to pull of pull-through pigtails.


All she does is evenly separate the hair and begin by tying off two high-ish pigtails. She then loosens them and flips the pony tail through to create a twist. she ties off a second set and repeats the process. If you wanted to even add your own flare, you could braid the bottom and tie off the ends, What’s even cooler is mom and kid can match since this hairstyle is super easy to do even to yourself. 

Moms in particular loved this suggestion and immediately vowed to try it on their own kids,

“Happy I found your account,” proclaimed one mom. “I’ve recently been feeling bad that I can’t French braid but these simple hairstyles are really nice too!”

In fact, people thought the style was so cute that they said they’d even be trying it on themselves!