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Mom Ditches Pull-Ups for Potty Training Kid and Comes Up With “Controversial” Solution

They are a ton cheaper too.

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The idea of potty training seems simple enough — get the kid to use the potty instead of the diaper — but there are so many different methods that people use to reach this goal. It can be really intimidating to even think about starting this process with your toddler. And to help with the process, a lot of parents start out with Pull-Ups before introducing their kids to real underwear. 

This mom on TikTok, however, is on a far different level than the rest of us. Instead, she decided to skip the Pull-Ups and take a less expensive route that many parents would never think to try.

Rather than spend money on Pull-Ups, which can add up depending on how long your child uses them for, this mom got creative. She bought regular kid-sized undies, and added thin menstrual pads with wings to the inside, which come at a much lower cost than Pull-Ups. 

She pointed out that the idea is to minimize the mess when the child has an accident while still allowing them to feel that they wet their pants, which is an important part of the potty training process. 

This sounds genius (and so simple), and while some commenters were sold on trying this idea themselves, others were far more skeptical. Some were concerned that the pads might not hold enough liquid, while others were worried about the chemicals in pads.

"Be careful of sensitive skin. I know I don’t speak for all but I have issues with the adhesive used on pads. It causes me to break out in hives," one mom pointed out. 

This method isn't for everyone, but it might be worth a try. It'll definitely save some money!