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Baby and Dog Caught Cuddling Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

They clearly have a very special bond,

Many of us stress about the relationship our babies and pets will have before those babies are even born. After all, for so many people, their dogs and cats feel like their first "children," and what if their human children don't get along with them? It can be an emotional rollercoaster at an already very emotional time. 

But then, there are those dogs who were just meant to live in a home with a baby of their own, and this dog on TikTok definitely fits that description. This baby and dog have the sweetest relationship, and it might be because they're growing up together.


This mom was able to capture a video of her dog and baby cuddling, and OMG — our hearts could burst watching this happen! And after seeing the dog put their arm around the baby, we're melting. How precious! This German Shepherd is the sweetest.

"This is the purest thing I have ever seen. These two are a month apart in age and have been with one another since they were born," said the caption. 

Even though this (big) dog is still a puppy, they still seem so protective over their baby BFF. We know this mama must be loving it! 

One person who is familiar with the breed wrote that German Shepherds typically do see babies in the family as their own puppies, which would certainly make sense after seeing this video.

"That’s genuine love and protection right there," another commenter wrote.

These two have such a sweet relationship, and we hope it only continues to grow as they both get older. They have so many adventures ahead!