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Puppy Tucks Baby’s Exposed Feet in and It’s Too Sweet

Puppies + babies = total puddle.

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There's no question that animals become part of the family. Kids and pets especially can form super strong bonds. We love and depend on our pets and they depend on us and love us, too, but it's not that often that we get to see proof of how much our pets love us. 

Except sometimes, there are unbelievably sweet moments between pets and their owners, like in this video from @pdko7329. Everybody's asleep. The baby's asleep, even mom is asleep. But not the dog! Nope, puppy is awake and sees that something is awry: Baby's feet are sticking out from under the blanket! They're going to get cold. 

OMG. Unbelievable! The dog was so intent on making sure the baby's feet were covered with the blanket. So incredibly sweet. We don't think that our animals notice details, but they're watching more closely than we realize. And sometimes, they're a lot smarter than we realize, too. 

Commenters thought the dog was super sweet, and also that the situation was sort of hilarious...
"'god, I have to do everything for these humans'"
"'Got my baby out here freezin...I swear to Gawd'"
"our pets are our guardian angels. they comfort us when we are sad, they are goofy when you are happy! and they love us unconditionally!"
"Poodles are like nannies, they sometimes act like they don't like lil ones but they love their way"
"Poodles do this for everything. found a mouse? tuck it in. cat? tuck it in. i had one just like that"
"It's instinct. My dog will sleep on top of my daughters feet. True love."

One thing's for sure: That baby will never have cold feet while that dog is around!

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