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Genius Mom Figures Out How to "Quiet" Those Insanely Loud Toys

A Christmas miracle if you will.

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With Christmas just a few days away, many parents are bracing for the influx of new toys about to enter their homes... and not all of them will be quiet. Some toys these days are loud, with sound effects and music that will inevitably end up playing over and over again so many times we will wish we never had to hear them again. But knowing how much our kids love these noisy toys makes it all worth the annoyance, right? 

Okay, maybe not, but if you're trying to avoid more noise in your house without limiting the kind of toys your children can play with, this hack that one mom shared on TikTok might be helpful to you. She found a way to lower the volume on loud toys, and we're going to remember this trick when we start assembling new toys this weekend.

This hack is super simple, and that's why it will work. You just have to stuff cotton into the speaker holes in toys while you're assembling them, and that will help muffle the sound, lowering the volume when your kids are playing. Unfortunately, the cotton won't make your actual kids quieter — there's only so much it can do! 

She demonstrated with a Disney princess vanity, and it looked like her method is pretty easy to carry out, though we'd probably advise waiting to do it until the kids aren't around, like this mom did.

In the comments, others shared how their own parents dealt with this little problem.

"My mom told us you couldn’t replace the batteries on the toys because they were special batteries from the North Pole," one person wrote.

Yeah, we're going to have to remember that one, too. Brilliant! 

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