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Grandma Learns Grandkid’s Other Side of the Family Doesn’t Like Them Because They’re Biracial and Gets Feisty

We’ll back you up grandma!

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Racism is still very real in America (and, unfortunately, all over the world), and sometimes, that means that biracial kids end up getting the cold shoulder from their small-minded relatives. It's unfair and wrong, but in the case of a grandkid who shared their experience on TikTok, it looks like at least one of their grandparents has their back.

In the video, we see a grandmother and her grandkid, who is Black and white, talking about the other side of the family. As much as Grandma insists that she has two grandmothers, the kid lays out the truth: The white side of their family doesn't like them, so they "don't fool with her." 

Feeling angry while hearing that? Seeing Grandma's face as she learns that news really says it all — she's angry too.


At first, Grandma doesn't want to believe it.  "But y'all got white in y'all," she insists. "You got some of her blood in y'all." 

Unfortunately, the truth is that the other grandmother is just that prejudiced, and this Grandma has heard all she needs to hear. She wants them to get that woman on the phone so she can talk some sense into her!

Judging from the comments on the video, plenty of people are rooting for Grandma to set this woman straight, and if she did end up on the phone with her, something tells us she definitely didn't let her off easy.

Dealing with racism is never easy — and it's something that no one should ever have to do. But at the end of the day, these grandkids know that their Grandma won't tolerate it, either.