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Dad Issues Warning About New Viral “Rainbow Friends” and Parents Have Mixed Reactions

Some parents are totally unphased.

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If there's one thing that parents have widely varying opinions on, it's screentime and what their children are allowed to watch or play. Some things that seem completely unacceptable to certain parents are like, nbd to other parents. Everybody has a different idea of what's appropriate. 

In this video from @iwaslikeyo_trey, a dad is super upset about the cartoon "Rainbow Friends," which his children discovered and were immediately traumatized by. Like, they don't want to sleep by themselves now.

Sounds pretty freaky, right? But when you start going through the comments, a different picture emerges. So much so that you kind of have to wonder if there are two separate versions of something called "Rainbow Friends" -- a kid-friendly one and a horror-centric one. 

Lots of commenters said "Rainbow Friends" is also a game on Roblox that's completely harmless and totally acceptable. Other parents saw nothing objectionable about the Friends at all, even buying themed plushies for their kids. Still other parents said their kids were fans but noted they were "fans of horror" anyway. So there definitely is a scary version, but is there only a scary version? It's not completely clear. 

What is clear is that parents don't always totally know what their kids are exposed to online, and they can easily be affected by something you'll wish they hadn't seen, like the kids who don't want to sleep alone after seeing "Rainbow Friends."

So we can take this as a reminder to always be aware of the content your child is exposed to, because they really can be influenced in potentially negative ways. Or not. With the "Rainbow Friends," it's not exactly clear what the deal is.