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Woman Who Helped Raise Her Brother Snapped Video Of Him Chasing Her Car As She Drives Off to Move

They have never been apart for long.

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Sibling relationships can be very special, including those with big age gaps between them. As an older brother or sister with a sibling who is years younger, they truly get to watch their little bro or sis grow up from a different perspective... and that means that when it's time to move out, saying goodbye is especially hard.

One sister on TikTok knows what that's like. She shared a video of what happened when she got married and moved away from her family, and it was particularly difficult for one member of her family to deal with the change: her younger brother, who she said she helped raise.

Warning: This one is a tearjerker! 


Set to the Coldplay song "Yellow," the big sister shared a video of her family from her car window as she drove away after saying goodbye. Everyone seemed excited for her next big adventure, but her younger brother ran alongside the car, holding her hand and giving it a last minute kiss before she was gone for good.

Is it just us, or does this speak volumes about the kind of relationship they must have had growing up? 

"I miss my family every second of every day that I am away from them. My little brothers face," she wrote in her caption.

Don't worry, though — they'll be reunited eventually. She explained in the comments that she has a room just for him in her new home.

This is so sweet. How lucky they are to have each other!