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Mom Is Proudly Teaching Her Son “Wife Skills”

And moms of boys: you should too.

Once upon a time, parents stuck to teaching their kids gender-specific skills...girls learned to cook, boys learned to do home repairs; girls practiced sewing, boys tinkered under the hood of the car. Luckily, today's parents have realized that skills don't belong to any one gender and you can teach your kids anything, so children are turning out a lot more well-rounded.

That's good news for kids, as they grow up, and it's also good news for their future partners. As  @mzvitashimainee pointed out in a video of her son learning to cook, she's "teaching her son life skills so your daughter won't have to," and there's no question that her son's eventual partner is going to be super thankful. 


Gotta love that expression on mom's face when she looks into the camera. She's like, no way is her son gonna make his poor partner do all the cooking someday. Not on her watch! That boy is going to learn to cook and he's going to learn to cook the right way. "Cause it’s essential & starts AT HOME!! " she wrote.

Commenters agreed, and were in total support of this mom's methods. 
"Me and you both. There’s going to be some lucky ladies"
"You hear me!! Yes, teach them the independence early!"
"Exactly my son ain’t about to be fooled by nobody chicken Alfredo"
"t’s sad how many mothers do not do this. God bless you. He’s gonna make someone very happy some day"
"These are the future mother in law’s that ain’t toxic. Change my mind…"
"As a grown, respectful, responsible, and resourceful man....I owe it all to the strength of my mother, who refused to see me unprepared and unable."
"All my boys were taught to cook, clean and do laundry. Don’t play with me"

Wonder what his signature dish will be? Whatever it is, he's going to learn how to cook it right!