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This Mom's Take On Raising 'iPad Babies' Hits a Little Too Close to Home

How much screen time is a bad thing?

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Screen time can become a pretty contentious topic for parents as their kids get older. While some people aren't that worried about how much time their kids are spending watching TV and using a tablet, others are way more strict, and try to avoid raising what's sometimes known was "iPad babies" at all costs.

But if you're a parent who's a bit more lax about the amount of time your kids are glued to Bluey, keep reading. This TikTok video may have started out seeming a bit shamey of parents who use screen time to entertain their kids, but it ended with the exact opposite of that sentiment.


"POV: I'm not raising iPad babies," says the Mom's caption at the beginning of the video. Then, she switches to a clip of her with her daughter as she proudly stands in front of the television, adding, "I'm raising TV babies." 

This video definitely made a lot of moms out there feel seen, according to the comments.

"I'm raising a TV in the house and iPad in the car kind of baby!" one mom wrote. Another added, "Thought I was about to be mom-shamed. Turns out I got mom-understood." 

Whether you're raising iPad babies, TV babies, or zero screen time babies, all that matters is that you're keeping your kid healthy, safe, and loved. In the end, the rest will work itself out. Anyone else down to watch some Bluey