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Big Sister Opens Up About the Realities Of Becoming Little Sister’s Guardian

It’s a big job she never thought she’d have to do.

There are a million ways to be a family, and they don't all look the same. And sometimes it takes something special to keep a family together, like somebody who's super selfless with a tremendous amount of love in their heart. That seems to be the case with @itscheyennebeaulieu, whose video about raising her little sister is an inspirational and beautiful story. 

She starts out with the words: "Things I've learned since adopting my sister," and, over footage of an adorable, happy-looking girl dancing and swimming and getting her ears pierced and living a healthy, normal life, we learn how just much of herself this woman had to give up to become her sister's legal guardian. More than that, though, we learn why she never regrets her decision.


Such a beautiful bond these two have. Her little sister seems to be absolutely thriving, and that's all due to her love and devotion. She should feel amazingly good about that! She's giving her sister what looks like a fun, happy childhood and making sure that she's got everything she needs for a successful future. That's incredibly hard to do when you're a parent who planned to have a child and has all the resources they need, so it's nothing short of miraculous that this big sister is doing such an amazing job. But that's the power of love! 

Commenters were so thankful to her for giving this child a chance:
"I used to beg god to let me live with my sister. You’re giving her the best life"
"Hopefully she realizes you loved her so much as a sister you CHOSE to become a parent. That’s way bigger" 
"When I was 14 my sister was born. I’ve raised her since then. 6 years ago I got custody and adopted her. The hardest but the best thing I’ve done"
"she will be forever grateful for everything that you’ve ever done for her  you’re an amazing big sister and so much more"
"this hit home. at 18 I took in my sister, life was never the same but I would do it all over again, best choice for both of us."
Sounds like there are a lot of really strong, selfless older siblings out there...and a lot of lucky younger brothers and sisters.