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The “7 Deadly Sins of Toddlerhood” Will Help You Parent Your Kids Better

Seriously, this is a game-changer.

It's a toddler's job to play and explore and take their time and get into things that might be trouble, but all of those things can be very inconvenient for parents. Especially if you have older siblings to keep up with, you might find yourself rushing your toddler when you don't really mean to, or otherwise raining on their parade.

In this super smart video from @kay.n.zee, a mom gives her Four Deadly Sins of Toddler Development. They're things that every parent does without thinking but should really try to avoid, and her reasons why they should be avoided are definitely sound. 


She makes some great points. When you don't let a toddler help you because they'll slow you down, you miss out on so many teachable moments. And they need all the opportunities for freely exploring and diving into their interests that you can possibly provide. Plus, it's so true that interrupting their focus can be so destructive. To us, it might not look like they're involved in anything too interesting, but they might be in the middle of a super important project. When we just pick them up and take them away from what they're doing, it can be really upsetting.

Commenters totally recognized themselves in some of these sins, and completely agreed that these pitfalls are important to stay away from...
"I need to be better about the first one"
"My son is so good at independent play. I have to bite my lip to avoid interrupting him when he does something new because I just want to squeal."
"With my first I used to feed him and never let him get into his food. But I didn’t understand the importance of sensory. With my 2nd I let him"
"I always have to remind myself that when we are running late that it isn’t his fault & I can’t get upset with him if he’s taking his time"

There's no question that raising a toddler requires an extraordinary amount of patience, and you're not going to get it right all the time. But these important reminders can help you keep things in perspective.