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Mom Explains Why She Lets Son Ride His Bike In the Pouring Rain

She’s intent on raising a “weather neutral” kid.

Some kids (and even adults) are easily scared by bad weather. After all, thunder and lightning can definitely be a little frightening, especially during hurricane season. But as far as kids who are freaked out by storms go, it looks like this little boy won't be one of them! 

One mom has taken to TikTok to share her parenting philosophy: She's raising her son to be "weather-neutral," hoping that it will foster a curiosity and a love for the outdoors that won't be marred by fear. Hmm... this is definitely an interesting approach.


Though most of us likely only let our kids take their bikes out when it's not raining, this mom is doing the opposite. Her son asked to ride his bike in rain that was coming down so hard she couldn't see when she was driving, but still, she said yes — and the reason behind it is a solid one. Apparently, her son was once really freaked out by the outdoors, but since she changed her approach, "now he lives in the dirt."

As unconventional as this is, plenty of people agreed she was doing the right thing.

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"I was raised weather neutral, it was the 80s. Now I live with always open windows and so many summer bugs," one user wrote. 

So far, it looks like this parenting hack is working for her and her son, as out of the ordinary as it might be. Maybe we should say yes next time our kids ask us to ride bikes in the rain. 

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