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Mom Captures Daughter’s Sweet Reaction to Her Ruining Her Art Project

Her daughter took it like a champ and showed true empathy.

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We try to teach our kids to be kind, forgiving people. We try to model this behavior when we can, and point it out when we see it in others. But we never really know if our kids truly understand these lessons or not.

Sometimes, though, they show us that they're on the right track. Like in this sweet video from @jill200016. The mom and her 5-year-old daughter are making a video of a craft the little girl made when the mom accidentally ruins the craft. Oh no! One might expect tears, but not from this little girl. 

What a sweet and empathetic reaction! "Occasionally I get upset but knowing if this is just a little bit of how I react to her means I'm doing something right," the mom wrote. So true. The fact that her daughter didn't get mad but instead instantly understood that it was an accident is an indication that she's been shown that same kind of grace, likely many, many times. 

Commenters agreed that this mom was doing something right. 

"Awww this child is more emotionally mature than me good job mama!"
"When she said 'of course!' at the end my HEART was a sweet baby!"
"When your kids talk to you like this you know you're doing something right. My daughter says 'It's okay try again you can do it' I wanna cry everytime"
"and that's a reflection of the way you parent!"
"How precious is it when they parent you the way they've been parenting them you're doing great mama Jill she's amazing"

This mom is definitely doing something right! Here's hoping that next craft turned out even better. 

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