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Mom Leaves Package of Red Meat Next to Toddler In the Car and Immediately Regrets Her Decision

Oh... my... god...

Just when we think our kids have run out of ways to surprise us, they go and do something we never could have predicted in a million years. They manage to get past childproofing we never thought they could master, they learn how to unbuckle their own car seat belts... and sometimes, they make huge messes we don't catch until it's too late to stop the horror from happening.

But as many times as we've had to wrestle a crayon out of a toddler's hand to keep them from drawing on the wall, we never could have imagined a scenario unfolding like the one we just witnessed on TikTok. A mom shared something horrible that happened in her car after grocery shopping, and boy... this is a doozy.


After grocery shopping, Mom kept the meat she just bought in the backseat, between her two kids, to keep it "safe," but that's exactly what created the problem she found when she got out of the car in the first place.

It's pretty self explanatory that her kids managed to get into the package of ground beef, and it's just everywhere... you cannot possibly understand the mess this made until you see this video for yourself. And from what we can tell, it's also raining outside, which makes things even worse.

We hope Mom took a nice, long bubble bath when she got home. Cleaning up that mess must have been truly disgusting!