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Mom Has Genius Hack for Making Long Road Trips More Bearable for Kids

Stealing this!

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If you've ever driven in a car with a little kid, you know that they only have so much good car behavior in them before they get too bored or uncomfortable and then the freaking out commences and you have to it's just damage control and trying to keep things from getting too out of control before you get to your destination. That's why any hacks that legitimately help keep kids entertained in the car are truly, truly useful. 

In this video from @veronica_abbott, we see a genius idea from a mom who has pretty much won the road trip battle. It's super simple: Just attach a suction bath caddy to the window next to your kid and fill it with toys, books, snacks...whatever you think your kid will like. And voila! A kid who's instantly entertained.

He looks so content back there, which is not something you can say about most kids in the car. And he doesn't even have a screen to keep him quiet! Which is great, because if you have a kid, you might have run into the issue of screens making your kid car sick. And a queasy kid is even worse than a bored kid. 

Lots of commenters were super thankful for this idea...
"OMG! You just made my Christmas. Running off to Amazon because my kid has meltdowns in the car all the time. Thank you thank you"
"Love this idea. My kid is always dropping stuff everywhere"
"OMG that's the best idea ever!"
"wait I love this idea as someone who travels a lot I WILL be trying this with my 3 yr old. "

Looks like this mom might have just made holiday travel a lot easier for a bunch of families!

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