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Baby Sneakily Steals Mom’s Phone and the Footage of Her Getting Caught Is Priceless

She’s so stinkin’ cute.

For as sneaky as they can be, babies love being "bad" and getting "caught." They especially love it if you make a big deal about it and pretend to chase them around. There's just an inherent thrill in being naughty; call it human nature. And babies are just discovering how much fun it really is to break the rules.

That's what's going on in this video from @_ryandaudrey_. A mom's phone has gone missing...does the baby have it? Nope! Not the baby! Oh...but the baby does have it! Cue that delighted shriek that comes with getting caught.


So funny. Babies all do the same thing. She loved that little thrill she got when her mom made her big scary voice and had so much fun running away! When babies know they're never really in trouble, pretending that they're in trouble can be really fun. It's the beginning of learning how to joke, which is such a sweet, fun process. 

Commenters fell in love with this little cutie...
"So freaking cute"
"Omg the laugh lol so contagious"
"I love this. Also her diction and ability to speak at her age, not to mention her ability to joke. Good parenting."
"That laugh!!!! Run Sophia! Run!!!!!"
"when you've had a bad day at work and hear that laugh"
"Laughter from a child is literally the best sound on Earth!"
"Future super villain with that laugh."
"If I wasn’t already pregnant, this video got me pregnant"

Babies are just so much fun. They really will run away with your phone, though.