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Dad Films Daughter ‘Running Away’ Because He Told Her to Clean Her Room and We Can’t Help But Laugh

Her trip didn't last long...

Most of us can remember threatening to run away from home as kids... and if you ever actually attempted it, it was probably short-lived. After all, we can only go so far with what we can fit into our kid-sized suitcases without a car or any money, no matter how mad we might have been at our parents at the time. 

This is why it's extra funny when we see our kids attempting the same now that we see it all from a parents' point of view. Of course, we take their big emotions seriously, but seeing a TikTok video where a little girl tries to run away from home when she doesn't want to clean her room is funny because we can relate as kids and as parents.


"She tried to run away because I told her to clean her room," Dad wrote in the video. He's standing by the front door, filming his daughter walk down the driveway as she pulls her suitcase behind her. 

To make it even better, Dad shouts after her as she turns down the street, "When it gets hot, don't come back!" 

She only makes it a few houses down before she stops and seems to be reconsidering her decision. We get it. Life on the run is so cruel! 

(For anyone interested in what happens next, Dad included a second part on his feed as the conclusion.)

We just hope she realizes cleaning her room in the air conditioning is way better than the alternative. How could she leave a funny dad behind like that?!