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The Way This Mom Provides a “Safe Space” For Her Daughter to Talk Is Perfect

We may try this with our teens!

As any parent of a teen knows (or anyone who remembers being a teen), it can be really hard for teenagers to open up. To anyone, really, but most especially to their parents. Teens are dealing with so many new emotions and challenges, and it seems unbelievable that their parents would understand. They're scared of being judged, or worse, punished. That's what's so genius about this video from @sylvester_danielle_. Her teen has clearly had a bad day, and she just needs to vent...but she doesn't want to be seen, and she certainly doesn't want to be judged. But that's okay, because mom has a solution: a pillow. 


It's so great to see a mom listening respectfully to her teen, and her kid feeling comfortable enough to express herself fully. To be fair, this mom seems like the type who'd be understanding enough to talk to even without the pillow, but that's the thing about teens. They're sensitive, quirky, and pretty sure that nobody has ever gone through what they're going through right now. Luckily, this teen will never have to worry that her concerns will go unheard. 

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