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SAHM Absolutely Roasts Husband Who Called Her “Lazy” For Scrolling on Her Phone

She documented her entire day for him.

It's a debate that's raged on for generations: Who does more work, stay-at-home moms or working dads? Never mind the fact that studies have shown if a mom got paid for the work she did every day, she would be paid pretty handsomely. Somehow, moms still find themselves defending what they do all day.

That's why @alexii_raee made this video for her husband after he gave her a hard time for sitting down, drinking coffee and scrolling on her phone instead of doing work around this house. She decided to show him exactly what it is that she does all day, from dusting (which apparently her husband says she does the wrong way) to taking her kid to the doctor to vacuuming to helping with homework to food know how it goes. Clearly, this is a woman who's not slacking off.


Phew! It's exhausting just to look at what this woman does in a day, and we're only seeing the highlights. Plus, how does she manage to look so cute throughout it all? She's definitely earned herself a freaking coffee and some phone time by the end of the day, to say the least. And if her husband didn't get the point after this video, maybe he needs to try doing it all himself.

Commenters were honestly a little worried about the creator of this post, and felt like she might be in a really unhealthy marriage. But the mom assured everyone that her marriage is just fine, and she and her husband kid around about this kind of stuff so it's no big deal:
"Guysssss it’s a joke like if it was really an issue I wouldn’t be here joking. He works, cleans, AND takes care of the kids. Everyone RELAX"

Some commenters totally got the joke.
"All that and still manage to look fabulous doing it."
"I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! The smile is everything."
"I guess we're all married to Gil"

It's definitely a struggle, and most couples go through it at least on some level. It's great that this mom can make a joke out of the whole thing.