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Husband Demonstrates the Perfect Way to Support Stay-At-Home Moms

He knows it’s not a job for the weak.

Parenting is hard no matter how you slice it. Whether you're a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, each certainly comes with its own challenges. And for a lot of stay-at-home moms, those challenges mean trying to keep up with the house, your kids, and your sanity all at the same time... and no, it's not possible to feel good about how you managed all three every single day.

While we've definitely seen some dads out there who just don't understand how hard this never ending job can be, this video going viral on TikTok is really giving us hope. One mom shared how her husband knows being a stay-at-home mom "ain't no joke," and we only wish more dads out there were like him!


She shared the sweet text messages he sends her while he's at work, constantly reminding her that he loves her and asking how their day is going. One thing this man never forgets to do is to check in on his wife — and at one point, he even thanked her for taking care of the kids.

This is what moms mean when they say they want to be appreciated, so dads out there, listen up! 

The saddest part about this video, though, were the fellow moms commenting about how they wish this was the kind of support they were getting from their partners.

"I couldn't imagine being recognized & acknowledged in this way," one person wrote.

Maybe this video popping up on everyone's For You Page is going to remind men how hard their wives really work — and how they should say thank you for everything they do.