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Little Girl Tells Classmates the Truth About Santa Claus and Isn’t Sorry One Bit

This is both horrible and hilarious.

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The truth about Santa Claus is that as a parent, you really can't win. If you decide to encourage your children's belief in Santa Claus, you have to worry about other kids who know the truth bursting their bubble; if you level with your kid about the Claus, you have to worry about them spoiling the fun for other kids. 

We see this very conundrum play out in this video from @anali_1110. It seems like she's just picked her kids up from school, and her little girl has apparently spent the day telling other kids the truth about the whole Santa Claus thing. She doesn't see why that's a problem, either. (Her older brother does, though.)

Oh no! "How do you break it to your kids when they find out it's a lie and no longer magical?" wrote the mom. "I honestly don't care either way HOWEVER, be prepared to explain yourself knowing your kids will be around other kids who are not believers. I tell my kids not to ruin it for others but I'm also not going to be mad when they state facts."

It's one of those issues where you can really see both sides. On the one hand, you don't want your kid's magical Christmas to be ruined (which is what big bro was worried about), but if you have a non-believer, you don't necessarily want them to feel like they have to suppress their truth. It's a tricky situation, to be sure, especially once kids get to be around 5 or 6. 

Commenters thought it was hilarious how her response to her brother was "Today's not Christmas."
"She said today's not Christmas like they'll be okay and should be over it by Christmas"
"'Today's not Christmas.' She's gonna be a LAWYER"

At some point, every person has to decide if they want to keep the magic of Santa alive in their hearts!

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