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Daddy’s Little Girl Hysterically Mocks Him When He Corrects Her

The sass is real (and very cute).

Raising daughters can be very sweet, but if you have one of your own, you are probably well aware that the possibility of sass is high. Even from the time they're babies, they know exactly how to put us in our place (and sometimes even make us laugh in the process). They are so cute, but they know how to push our buttons! 

And a lot earlier than you might think, they start making fun of us, too, as one dad shared on TikTok. He told his 1-year-old daughter to stop, and instead of following his directions, she took the opportunity to mock him instead! 


It looked like she was ripping a decorative decal off the front of the oven when her dad asked her to stop. But instead, she mocked him, repeating the way he said "stop" to him right on back — and kept ripping the decal anyway, of course.

That's brutal... but we do have to admit that it's pretty impressive that this little girl can do a dead on impression of her dad already! 

Many fellow parents who could commiserate commented on the video, and it sounds like we weren't the only ones who were entertained by this! 

"Being a parent is hearing yourself thrown back at you," one person wrote, while others warned him of what her attitude will be like when she's a teenager. 

It's true. He's going to have his hands full!