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Daughter Mimics Dad In the Middle of a Lecture and We Can’t Help But Laugh

She is !00% all sass.

There's nothing that makes it harder to keep a straight face when you're disciplining a little one than that little one copying your words and mannerisms and giving it all right back to you. They need to know that you're serious, right? Or is it even worth trying not to laugh? Maybe some laughter would diffuse the situation anyway?

The little girl in this video from @itsrachelfriend is in the middle of being lectured by her dad on leaving the remote where it's supposed to be. Or is she? Because it also kind of seems like she's giving her dad a lecture on the remote, too. 


So hilarious! That girl has attitude for miles. You could tell off that little girl and she'd turn the whole thing around and point right back at you and make it sound like the whole thing was her idea. Some kids just don't like to be told what to do. Well, no kids really like being told what to do, but some of them hate it more than others. And it sort of seems like this little girl might be one of those kids. 

Commenters thought this little girl was just adorbs:
"But also u cannot just tell the deal u have to both agree to it"
"She’s already trained for corporate America or politics.. lol"
"Lol I had to put a GPS tile mate on the god damn remote when mine was younger!"
"she look like a teacher with them keys i love her"
"Sounds to me like she wants y’all to stop watching so much tv lol"

This little girl definitely won't back down easily, but that's a good trait to have in life. Even if it is a difficult trait to parent.