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Mom Shares How 5-Year-Old Daughter Calls Her Out and Why She’s Taking It to Heart

Girlfriend has a point...

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When you have a strong-willed, opinionated kid, there are two things you can do: You can either ignore their perspective on things or you can open your ears and your mind to what's often a surprisingly sound perspective. 

This smart video from @jcbee reminds moms that sometimes, their little ones might actually have good advice. Her 5-year-old daughter calls her out all the time, she says, but this time, she took her words to heart. Mom was freaking out a little bit over the little girl's hands looking kind of red, and her words were epically mature.

First step, calm down. Second step, stop worrying so much. Who among us can't take this solid, helpful advice? Every mom has their moments when they let their worries run away with them. Sometimes you need to just stop, take a breath, and come back down to earth. How perceptive of this little girl to see that's what her mom needed in that moment! She knew exactly where her mom was the bad, worried place...and she knew how to pull her back. That's pretty amazing. 

Commenters were super impressed with this little girl, too, and had their own tales of kids with impressive patience and presence of mind...
"We really don't realize how much they teach us while trying to teach them. It's an amazing thing."
"Smart girl-smart mom for taking in the feedback"
"I wish my mom would have listened when I told her this...still doesn't at 65"
"Our kids teach us so much!"
"She sounds amazing. So wise."

It's always important to remember to listen to our kids! They're listening to us (at least some of the time).