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Toddler Begs To Ride Through Car Wash But Has a Huge Change Of Heart

Poor little guy had no idea what he was in for…

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As far as items on our to do list go, driving through a car wash can be a fun chore to cross off (especially when it means we end up with a sparkly, clean vehicle at the end). But for kids, it can be a magical experience. All those colors appear on the windshield, and while we know it's basically just soap, our kids are transfixed by it — well, some of our kids, anyway. 

Given how loud and unfamiliar the car wash can be, we can totally see how some little ones wouldn't be big fans of the experience, but this TikTok video really takes it to the next level. One toddler was in an absolute panic as the process took place, and as much as we love the car wash, we can't exactly blame him — new things can be scary! 


According to the video, the kiddo "begged" to go to the car wash, but once It was happening, he was more than a little freaked out. In the video — which spans nearly three minutes — we can see him burst into tears, especially when the "spider legs" (or the giant, long sponges show up in his window!

As it turns out, this little guy isn't alone in his fear. Plenty of fellow parents commented to commiserate. This is a pretty common experience! 

Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending. As the car pulled out of the car wash and into the sunshine, he gave his official review, and it was surprisingly positive. Despite all that screaming, it might not have been so bad!