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So Far 16 Kids Have Died as Scarlet Fever and Strep A Spreads Across the UK

The signs and symptoms of it can be hard to detect.

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When you have little kids, they get sick. A lot. Sometimes it feels like you're dealing with a constant stream of runny noses and sore throats and fevers from October to March. And sometimes, with all that sickness, it can be tough to tell when your child really needs to go to the doctor and when they can just ride out whatever little virus they have at home on the couch with lots of fluid and rest.

That's what makes videos like this one from @littlelifestylehome so important. Right now, Strep A and scarlet fever are spreading through the UK, and the symptoms aren't always apparent. So far, 16 children have died from infections caused by the Strep A bacteria, according to The Independent. That's why this mom went on TikTok to share her story, so other parents can be on the lookout.

So helpful! It would be really easy to just brush off those pink cheeks as a symptom of the fever, so it's helpful to know the details about the raised, bumpy rash. (The Independent noted that a "strawberry tongue," which appears swollen and bumpy, can also be a symptom.) And how it started as such a relatively mild cold type of illness. But while colds will usually resolve on their own, Strep A and scarlet fever (which is caused by Strep A) require antibiotic treatment. 

It just goes to show: Listen to your gut. That's what this mom did, and she's so glad she did! If you're not sure, it's always worth checking with the doctor. 

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