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Every Pregnant Mom Gets a “Baby Box” In Scotland and TBH We’re Ready to Move

America is woefully behind other countries when it comes to parental leave.

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If you're a mom living in the United States, there's a good chance you haven't felt very supported by the government through pregnancy and the postpartum period of early motherhood. While other countries offer a lot more (often paid) maternity leave along with other healthcare services to moms, in America, it's far more likely that you'll find yourself with just a small amount of paid leave — or no paid leave at all. American moms and their babies deserve so much better.

Thanks to this video about the way new moms in Scotland are treated, we're just about ready to pack our bags. As this TikTok shows, every pregnant woman in their country receives a "baby box," and it's amazing to see what's inside, given that this program doesn't exist in the US.

Every pregnant resident is sent this box at no cost, and what's really cool is that the box itself can also work as a safe sleeping place for baby, since it's equipped with a mattress, mattress protector, and fitted sheet — a huge help to moms who may not be able to afford a crib, or for moms who can benefit from an easily portable sleep space for their little one to nap in.

Inside the box are the baby essentials that any new mom will need. The contents include books, vouchers for free diapers, a digital thermometer, socks, and breast pads for nursing. There are clothes that go from newborn sizes all the way up to three months, plus a play mat, a bath towel, and more. The box even includes items meant to assist in postpartum healing and condoms, for use after baby arrives. They really did think of everything! 

American moms were in awe of this program, which you can learn more about here.

"I'm America you get charged for skin to skin with your baby," one person commented... which would be funny, if it wasn't true in many hospitals in the US.

We have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the way we treat new moms. How about a program like this in the states?