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We Could Listen to This Sweet Scottish Toddler Explain Anything All Day

Protect him at all costs.

There's something truly so adorable about little kids who have accents. It doesn't matter where you live — when you hear a tiny voice talking in an accent that isn't familiar to you, your heart immediately melts. We don't make the rules! 

(Wait, is this why Bluey is so popular in the United States?)

And just in case you need to hear from a Scottish toddler today, this little guy on TikTok has you totally covered. In a video shared by his mom, he's talking about the future of the automotive industry — no, really. He's too cute! 


"Do you know we're not gonna have any more petrol cars?" the little boy, whose name is Jacob, earnestly says to his mom in the video. "I don't know what month, we'll have electric cars. We'll just be buying them from Elon Musk." 

He later goes on to say that electric cars are better for the earth anyway, and he's not wrong there, though we do suspect Jacob may have invested in Tesla. They should really consider using this footage for a commercial! 

With a voice (and face) that cute, we'd listen to Jacob talk about anything — cars or otherwise. And before you ask, yes, this TikTok account is full of more videos of Jacob telling it like it is, which is exactly what the internet really needs these days.