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Mom Gives Birth to a “Second Mommy” and It’s the Cutest Thing

She is just a naturally nurturing soul.

When you add another child to your family, it's a real roll of the dice to find out how the whole sibling relationship thing is going to go. Some kids take a long time to adjust to the fact that there is another baby in the house, getting some of their parents' attention. Other kids are totally made to be big brothers and sisters from day one and take on the role like a natural. 

One mama recently shared how her oldest daughter was born to be a big sister in the sweetest TikTok video. She even went so far as to call her a "second mommy" to her younger siblings — aww.


In the clips, we can see all the moments that parents dream of when they imagine their children growing up together. This big sister is all about cuddling her siblings, carrying them around, and even doing her little sister's hair. She even helps them get dressed! As far as we can tell, whatever the situation, she's meeting her younger siblings with love and lots of giggles, which probably makes her mom's heart explode.

In a comment, Mom revealed that her daughter is six years old and she's never asked her to help the way she does in these clips. "She just loves to help. I never force anything & believe me she is happy to do it like you see in this video," she wrote.

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So many people commented, marveling over the sweet relationships these siblings have with each other.

"Oh, sweet angel. Her siblings are so lucky!" one commenter wrote.

We'd have to agree. This is a bond that will last a lifetime.

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