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Couple Keeps Pregnancy a Secret and Films Family’s Reaction When They Show Up With a Baby

Shocked is an understatement.

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For those who choose to wait to announce a pregnancy, that time spent keeping such big news a secret can be absolutely agonizing. It's exciting, after all, and who doesn't want to feel free to whine about their aches and pains and share their baby clothes shopping victories with the people they love the most? 

But some people are better at keeping secrets than others, and that includes this family on TikTok. They were in it for the long game, and decided to keep their entire pregnancy a secret until they showed up one day with a newborn baby to surprise their family with. These new grandparents definitely didn't see this coming! 


As you can see in the video, they literally just showed up and got out of the car with a newborn, and the look of shock on Grandma's face was too much. She was totally speechless — and honestly, what is there to say in a moment like this? 

People in the comments definitely have mixed feelings about this kind of surprise, though, especially after seeing the way she reacted.

"Everybody should do what makes them happy, but I would feel betrayed, not trusted," one person wrote, while another argued, "I hid my pregnancy and everyone got mad like I owed them the knowledge of me being pregnant, so now they don’t get to see my baby." 

Fortunately, this does have a happy ending — Mom wrote in the comments that her friends and family were excited and tell people about the surprise all the time.

What a way to find out you have a new family member... and what a massive secret to keep!