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Mom Drops Truth Bomb on How Terrible It Is to Ask Kids to Keep Secrets, Even Little Ones

Secrets and surprises are different.

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It might seem like harmless fun to sneak a kid an extra cookie with the instructions "shhh, don't tell Mommy," but the truth is asking a kid to keep any kind of secret from their parents could be setting a dangerous precedent. Because sometimes people with bad intentions ask kids to keep harmful secrets from their parents, and kids need to know that's never okay under any circumstances.

That's what @alimariehere is illustrating in this video where she acts out what would happen if a family member gave her daughter an extra marshmallow as a "secret" treat. And It's some super sensible advice. 

Parents (and aunts, and uncles, and grandparents, and cousins) really do need to keep these words in mind. Secrets can seem like so much fun, but kids can't understand why it's okay to keep stuff from mommy sometimes but not others, and that can lead them into some dangerous situations. 

Commenters totally agreed with what this mom had to say, and some had their own advice to offer...
"So we talk about secrets vs surprises. Surprises have an end date and are meant to make people happy! Secrets are keeping truth from someone forever"
"I have raised my kids as if anyone asks you to keep a secret from mom they are not a safe person. I don't care what kind of secret."
"'safe adults won't ask you to keep a secret' will be something I drill into my daughter"

It's all about keeping kids safe, and it starts early. These are the things they need to know, and the sooner the better. 

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