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Mom Says Son Was Called Fat By Classmates But Came Up With Perfect Response On His Own

Because that is a self-love KING right there.

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Body-shaming can be hard enough to cope with as an adult, but it's heartbreaking to be reminded that it's something that some children are dealing with, too. Unfortunately, bullying is a reality for many (if not most) kids at some point in their childhood, and sometimes, that bullying has to do with their size. We want our kids to love themselves, but it's hard when outside influences are telling them they should do the opposite. 

The next time we have to coach our children through a situation like this, we're going to remember this TikTok video. A little boy came up with the best response after his classmates called him fat, and even though Mom was ready to go to war over it (and rightly so), he already had the situation handled. 

He might only be five years old, but this little guy is wise beyond his years. 

"I stand up and said, 'I don't care what you say. Whatever you say, it's not true,'" he said, beaming. He later added that he told him to stop, "and then if he keeps following me, he's gonna get kicked out." 

We really have to admire him for being brave enough to stand up for himself, and it's no wonder his mom was so proud of him, as hurt as she was in the beginning when she found out that someone had been unkind to her little boy.

"He used to cry for simple things before but every day he tries to be stronger!" Mom added in a comment.

Way to go, kid! Those people's opinions are irrelevant — all that matters is how he feels about himself! 

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