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The 'Selfie Swing' Is the Best Playground Invention We've Seen In a Long Time

Every park needs one.

When kids are babies and toddlers, the big draw of the playground is always The Swing. When they're swinging, they're so happy — those smiles and giggles as they soar through the air are something a parent never really forgets. How could they, when these are some of the best park memories we make with our kids? 

Now, a company has managed to find a way to better capture those happy moments, and since we know that this product exists thanks to a user on TikTok, we're determined to find one near us so we can try it out. This is too cool! 


As we see in the video, it's called a Selfie Swing. Parents put their baby in the seat, and their phone in the space for it right up front. At that point, all you have to do is hit record and start pushing the swing, and at the end, you have a seriously adorable video of your kid having the time of their lives from a perspective you wouldn't have been able to capture otherwise. 

"I thought it was a little silly at first, but this will be footage I keep forever," Mom wrote in the caption. "Someday he will be grown and I’ll really miss moments like this at the park." 

It definitely seems like she got some good footage — this little boy was living his best life on that swing!

We need Selfie Swings everywhere, ASAP.