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This “Senior Backpack” Tradition Is So Adorable

Parents will love this one.

Watching your kid grow up isn't easy. Take the start of senior year: it's the last year before your kid goes off into the great wide world, and the start of so many amazing and very grown-up adventures. Teens are full steam ahead, but their parents might be missing those days when they were getting a kindergartener ready for the bus. That's what makes the "senior backpack" tradition at the school in @jewel_hamilton's video so amazing. For one last year, these teens get to indulge their inner little kid and pick a backpack that would've made them jump for joy in preschool. Think Peppa and Paw Patrol and you'll get the idea.


There's something about this tradition that's just so sweet. Kids are always in such a rush to grow up and put all the trappings of early chilldhood behind them, but maybe there's a teeny tiny part of them that still wishes they could shop for sparkly stuff with cute characters and bright colors. After all, so much of adulthood is kind of boring. There's almost never an opportunity to wear something with Peppa Pig on it. Here's hoping these kids have a fabulous senior year...and that they don't grow up too fast. 

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