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Child Sex Offender Counselor Gives His Most Important Tips for Keeping Kids Safe

Absolutely no joke.

Keeping our children safe — both online and off — is something at the forefront of every parent's mind. It can be hard to live in fear, imagining everything bad that can happen to our children, but fortunately, there are ways to prevent many of those bad things from happening to them as long as we know the right ways to do it. 

And now, one child sex offender counselor is taking to TikTok to share what he's learned in order to keep kids safe from predators. Not only is he sharing tips on what to teach them so they can protect themselves, but also ways we can adjust our parenting methods at the same time.


One of the obvious tips he gives is to teach children the correct anatomical names of all of their body parts, so that people will know what they're talking about when they name them. Another good one? To avoid giving children "privacy," especially when it comes to phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and the internet.

"Believing that children have the complete ability to express themselves in the way a fully functional adult will 100% be able to understand, believing that minor children can supervise other minor children — it don't work," he said.

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It's horrifying to think that using tips like this is necessary, but it's more important to make sure our kids are protected from danger than to turn a blind eye to problems like this. 

Stay safe out there, everyone! 

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