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The Way This Baby Is Looking At Their Big Sister Will Melt Your Heart

These two are going to be inseperable.

It's amazing how sometimes such a tiny little baby can make a facial expression with so much emotion. They're just weeks old and yet they can have so much feeling! Especially when they're with the people they love, like their older siblings. This video from @cutebabiiy shows a beautiful moment when you can almost see a little baby fall in love with their older sister...and you can see just how much the big sister loves her baby sibling back. It feels like you're watching something unbelievably special take place...because you are.


That nose nuzzle! And that little snuggle! It's almost too much for the heart to handle. These two are bonded for life, no doubt. That baby will always have someone to read stories and play and dress up and have pretend adventures and all the other things big sisters do, because her big sister clearly loves that baby to pieces. And that baby clearly adores her big sis. Commenters were so enchanted by this pair:
"The looks they give each other! That special bond"
"big sisters are so maternal"
"His so proud of his sister, all u can see is love on his beautiful face, watched it so many time"
"this wins the internet"
"Right to the heart!!! Love the nose rubby"
There are so few moments in life that are so sweet and simple but so incredibly meaningful, like this one. Nothing much is happening, but everything is happening. It's moments like these, strung together, that make a happy childhood.