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Siblings Get "Caught" Having Adorable Bonding Moment

So sweet.

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Sibling bonding videos just never get old, and this ridiculously sweet moment captured by @maycineleey is particularly precious. Her baby daughter and toddler son don't even know she's filming them, they're just quietly cuddling on the couch of their own accord. The baby's kisses are so cute! Just imagine walking into the living room and finding your kids like this...


It's funny, because conventional wisdom says that if your kids are being too quiet in the other room, they're probably up to no good. Not these two! They're just being as adorable as they can be. "Their relationship is everything," wrote their mom. 
Interestingly, quite a lot of commenters thought that this video crossed the line, and that these kids needed to have more boundaries with each other. But other commenters insisted that these are just babies, and as such this is a totally innocent kissing encounter.
"People in comment section are too much! They are just babies! It is the purest form of showing love! So sweet!" wrote one commenter.
"My kids just hit each other. So sweet," wrote another.
"Where there is LOVE there is LIFE. Thank you for sharing this raw and innocent moment of your children with us, not all of us grew up with this kind," said one commenter.
Everybody has their own standards of what makes them comfortable, but sexualizing the actions of literal babies says way more about the person making the statement than the innocent babies themselves. What this video represents is pure, simple, sibling love. Love before the world and society gets ahold of it. These siblings won't cuddle like this forever. Better appreciate it while they do.