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Dad Has Important Message For Fathers Whose Ex Had a New Baby

“Be nice to kids.”

Divorce is always rough, even under the best of circumstances, especially when children are involved. It takes a lot of graciousness and good behavior from multiple people to make coparenting work. But there are lots of parents out there who are doing the right thing by their kids, raising the next generation the right way, and the dad in this video is a perfect example. 

As @marcus_candyman_hicks explains, if your ex has a baby, he believes it's your responsibility to treat that child with kindness and respect. And watching him with his ex's baby girl is like a lesson in exactly what to do. 


So sweet! It's true, kids deserve all the love and care and respect of everyone around them, and it does indeed take a village to raise a child. And how cute that he calls the baby his "buddy girl," which is just about the most darling thing ever. This man truly is inspiring. 

Commenters just fell in love with him and his attitude.
"Lord! Why couldn’t my son’s father have this kind of heart!"
"My ex’s step kids come along with us on family fun days…they are my son’s sisters. Plain and simple. If we’re taking him out, we will take them too!"
"The way she looks at you love this. This is what a healthy co-parent relationship looks like."
"Absolutely beautiful soul!!! Thank your mother for me. Much love"
"What a doll; and she is adorable too! Spread this great man’s message far and wide. Society’s future is literally in our hands."
"This is what you call maturity and a good person. Wish there was more of this"

If only everybody had this man's attitude! The world would no doubt be a much happier place. At least that looks like one happy little girl.