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Mom Overhears Dad Singing to Son in the Bath and Catches These Sweet Lyric Changes

“My Girl” by The Temptations got the most heartwarming update.

Sometimes, the most lovely surprises come from out of nowhere when you're least expecting them. As a parent, these surprises can be so meaningful...we go on and on, day after day, struggling with the same a little validation goes a long way.

In this video from @shannonbthatsme, we see a mom making the kind of discovery that totally makes your day and makes all the hard grunt work of mothering worth it. See, this mom was cooking dinner and her husband was giving their boys a bath. Sounds like a well-oiled evening. But it gets so much better. Because when the mom approached the bathroom, she heard her husband and sons singing a very, very special song. 


Changing the lyrics from "my girl" to "ma-ma" is pretty genius. "Excuse me while I go melt into a puddle of mush," wrote the mom, and one can only imagine that she was indeed melting when she heard that song. It's so cute when parents do these fun, creative little things. You wouldn't think it would be a huge deal, but these are the moments that make the memories for everybody in the family.

Commenters loved what this dad did:
"The world feels a little more wholesome today with this video"
"Congratulations you just made a pregnant lady cry"
"If my husband doesn’t teach our kids this version of this song, I don’t want it"
"A MAMA tribute song!! Good job dad"
"You’re doin something right momma!!"
"Omg!!! Those boys are going to be the best daddies and husbands"

What a sweet family. Maybe this song will go down as one of their greatest bathtime hits.