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Little Girl Belts Out Disney Tune So Well, You’re Going to Weep

What a little angel!

As parents, from the time our kids are little, we try to guess what their interests, talents, and even future jobs might be. Of course, that's all up to our kids themselves, but it's fun to spot their strengths as they get older and share more of their personality with us. And some parents even get to discover a natural talent their child has, which is the best. 

For example: This little girl who's going viral on TikTok for a video her mom shared of her belting out a song from a popular Disney movie. She might just be a young kid, but she already has a major talent for singing! 

In the video, the little girl is riding in the backseat of the car, singing "Reflection" from Mulan. It's easy to see just from this clip that this little lady has a major talent — and not only does her voice sound great, but she also totally loses herself in the emotions of the song. That's not something that can simply be taught! 

The comments were filled with compliments from people who were impressed by this little girl's voice.

"She should be in singing classes, she’ll be even better with technique, her raw voice is beautiful," one person wrote.

Another commented, "In 20 years I’m going to tell all my friends I knew of this girl before EVERYONE." 

This little girl might just be destined for greatness. We can't wait to see where she ends up 10 years from now!