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Mom Opens Up About Tough Decision to Be Single and Other Single Mamas Have Some Advice For Her

For anyone on the fence about what to do, listening to these women might help.

Relationships are difficult enough on their own, but add in a child (or more) and it can throw even the most solid of partners into total chaos. Some relationships you thought were going to last forever can pass the point of no return, and if you have kids, you might be tempted to hold on for longer than you should, hoping to keep their family together in the way you envisioned. But sometimes, splitting up is the right choice for everyone involved — children included.

One mom shared how tough it can be to decide to be a single mom on TikTok, and if you're feeling that way, too, you're definitely not alone. Not only did she share her experience, but plenty of other moms who have been there are coming forward to talk about what they've been through as a result of this video, too.


Over footage of herself looking a bit heartbroken, this mom wrote, "Having to decide between being a single mom or staying with someone w ho you aren't sure will ever TRULY cherish you or make you feel appreciated." 

In the caption, she added, "What kind of example does this set for my children if they know I’m unhappy? I'm so over the 'change' only lasting a few weeks. Guess it’s time to face the difficult no matter how sad I might be." 

It is incredibly difficult to walk through this kind of choice... and many moms who have been through something similar shared their words of advice in the comments. 

"I’d make that decision 1000 times over. And I had no job, no money, no car so I get it. Single mom!" one woman wrote.

Another added, "It took me 21 years to make this decision and trust me if he hasn’t changed he won’t EVER! You deserve peace and happiness. Find yourself again." 

If you're in this situation right now, you already know that it's so hard and such a big decision to make, but remember that you deserve to be happy. You're not alone in this!