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Man Absolutely Destroys Customer Who Was Rude to a Single Mom

YASSSS. Get ’em!

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Being a single parent isn't an easy job, no matter how long you've been doing it. It's hard not to have a partner around to pick up the slack... and it's not like childcare tasks are something that can be pushed to a later date if you're busy. Being a single parent takes so much strength (and energy), so it's hard to imagine that anyone would make their lives harder.

But we know that rudeness does happen in the real world, and not everyone is as understanding of parents as we wish they could be. One man on TikTok is going viral for how he handled the situation when someone was mean to a single mom right in front of him, and this dude is a real hero. 

According to this man's video, he was in a long line to check out at Walmart and a woman with three kids was behind him, looking stressed. He let her check out first, but one of her items was missing a tag, causing a delay that made another man in line to get angry.

"Just because you can't keep your legs closed or hold onto a husband shouldn't mean the rest of us have to cater and wait for you to find your f---ing EBT card, you ugly b-tch," he said as just part of his rant.

If we witnessed that, we might have been too stunned to speak, but the OP immediately sprang into action. He had the perfect comeback, but our favorite part was when he said the man is the "poster child" for why education reform is important. LOL!

We're glad this man was around. Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that — especially a single mom who is already stressed out. It costs nothing to be kind!