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Single Mom Signs Her Own Lease and Her Reaction Is Melting Hearts


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It's pretty scary to be a young single mom out on your own for the first time. Especially if you've pretty much always lived with your parents or a partner and never had to do a lot of "adulting" stuff yourself, sign a lease. As @annaboebana explains in her video, after coming out to her ex-husband and having to move home with her toddler for over a year, there were times she didn't think she could handle single parenting. But then, "divine timing" stepped in. 


So inspiring! The look on her face when she realizes that she's actually going to sign a lease, all on her own...her happiness is so genuine. And after that first huge step will come so many more steps, both big and little...finding friends, making a home, going to school...a lifetime of firsts, all starting with that lease. 
Another inspiring thing to see is that it seems this young mom has a good support system in place. She had a family to stay with after her separation, and clearly loved ones who are thrilled to watch her become independent. Single, but never alone.