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Single Mom Shares How Son Helped Her Through Her Twin Pregnancy After He Begged For a Sibling

He was made to be a big brother.

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While some kids have a seriously hard time coping with a new baby in the house, other kids beg for a younger sibling (regardless of whether or not this is something that their parents are planning for). But in the case of one little boy who got his wish on TikTok, what really ended up happening wasn't just a special bond with his new siblings — it was an even stronger bond with his mom at the same time.

In the video, a mom shared that her son had been wishing to become a big brother for a long time, but when his wish was finally granted, the conditions weren't exactly ideal and she knew she'd have to be a single mom. But after they found out she was having twins, this boy showed up in a big way for his mom, and it's so heartwarming to see.


Through her entire pregnancy, her oldest never left her side. "I knew right there he is going to be the best big brother to his siblings," Mom shared over footage of him cuddling up with her baby bump. 

And even though it was a challenge, Mom wrote that it was "perfect timing" for their family.

"He lost his dad unexpectedly and his heart was broken and grieving," Mom wrote. "It's always been Rayden and I since he was a baby. A part of me feels emotional knowing it is not going to be us two anymore but I wouldn't change anything at all. We are truly happy and blessed where we are today." 

It definitely sounds like this mom and son are lucky to have each other — and these twins will have the best big brother ever.