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Kid Asks Siri If She Believes In Gay Marriage and Absolutely Lost It On Her “Response”

He was having none of it today or ever!

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Kids today have grown up with technology, and they have high expectations for what technology can deliver. Whether it's entertainment or education, there's generally a device out there that can do what you want it to, but as the young boy in @rainbowdads' video discovered, a conversation about gay rights might be out of Siri's wheelhouse. He asked Siri if it (they?) believed in gay marriage, and Siri's indecisive response ("I don't have an answer for that. Is there something else I can help you with?") was just not okay with him.


So awesome. That skeptical look on his face is everything. "Siri, are you homophobic?" he asks, before deciding that yup, Siri is most definitely homophobic. (It's a little bit hard to hear exactly how Siri answered that question, but it sounded like something about believing everybody is equal?) This kid is clearly trained to see through homophobic people in about two seconds flat, and he's just not having all this vague, non-committal Siri talk. Clearly his dad is delighted, and who wouldn't be with this kid? He knows what's right and he's not afraid to say so.