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Little Sister Helps Big Sis Navigate Anxiety In the Sweetest Way

The world could learn a thing or two from this kiddo.

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It's hard to see our children struggling — when you're a parent, the only thing you want for your child is their happiness, and for them not to have to deal with any struggles, especially while they're still so young. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way... but even when they're struggling, they're never alone. 

One Mom on TikTok shared that her oldest daughter has been battling anxiety lately, something she called "one of the hardest parts of being parents," but she also shared how her younger daughter has ended up being the one who looks out for her big sis. Seeing how in tune she is with her sister's emotions is so heartwarming.


She's obviously having a hard time in social situations, but little sis is always there to be by her side when she can tell she's struggling. It's so sweet to see her waving her arm, insisting that her sister join all the kids at the party for cake, and the way she hugs her when she sees her sitting alone. 

People were so touched to see their relationship. One person commented, "This touches my heart. I was the ‘shy’ baby sister of 5. Wish I would have had a baby sister. This is lovely. Anxiety is such a challenge." 

Another person added, "This is so comforting, being a child who had anxiety everywhere this probably helps her tremendously. Having a safe person helps." 

Even if big sis doesn't feel comfortable in these situations, it seems like she does know that her little sis will be by her side every step of the way. What a special bond these two share.