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Woman Shares the Beauty of the Unexpected Bond Between Her Little Sister and Her Baby

She quickly became the best auntie ever.

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One of the best parts of having a child and becoming a parent is seeing the way the people in your life love your baby, too. It's pretty typical that grandparents are going to be the most excited members of the extended family when a new baby is born, but it doesn't end there. Seeing your own brothers and sisters transform into doting uncles and aunts can be such a special thing to witness, too.

And even those especially young aunts and uncles, like the one in this TikTok video, can really shine in their new roles, too. When this woman found out that she was pregnant at 19, it meant her 8-year-old little sister was about to become an aunt... and the relationship between her and the baby blossomed in a way that nobody could have predicted. 

It started with the video of this big sister telling her little sister the news, and she didn't take it well at first. After all, it had to come as a shock — her big sis was still a teenager and she likely didn't have becoming an aunt on her radar just yet. But once the baby arrived, she became the most dedicated auntie to her niece, and seeing these clips of their bond is just incredible.

They have picnics together, play on the playground together, and have even become travel buddies at Disney World, the beach, and while flying. Their relationship has clearly grown since this baby was born, and though she might be young, she's already an amazing aunt. She's so gentle with this little one!

Not to mention the fact that, once they're both older, the fact that they're only eight years apart in age will be really cool. Maybe they'll be best friends as adults? 

What an awesome auntie. We know it must mean a lot to Mom to see their love grow like this! 

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